Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Hamster

The news shocked me into silence for a while as it was so unexpected. My thoughts are with his family right now through this difficult time. I hope James doesn't feel guilty about what happend as Hammond done the film because James pulled out.

The Yorkshire air ambulance, which saved him, do take donations and a website has recently be set up in the light of this accident.

I'm sure he'll get through this as he is a strong person, and its good that the doctors are 'reasonably confident he'll make a good recovery'

I also think that how heavy news coverage it has had just goes to show how much he was loved. Many people have been describing him as a lovely person, which shows what you saw on TV wasn't an act and that like the other two presenters he is one of the most down to earth TV personalities yopu could find.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Could this be going any slower?

OK, I have to admit this car project has been going really slow. Truth is my college has given me work to do over the summer (unexpectadly), but hopefully i'll get it don't. Problem is though I think i may be losing enthuasium about the restoration...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wing Mirrors sold for £10.50! Hopefully there will be more unwanted parts I can sell.

Tonight I removed front offside door interior (removed other side last year) so I could get access to the wing mirror fixings. Was the most easiest job so far as only a couple of screws to be undone and it snapped off. Also applied Kurust to areas at the front of the engine bay to try and prevent any more spread of rust.

Also two weeks ago I removed the rear offside wheel as I wanted to smarten them up by cleaning the alloy and repainting the inside black part. They were originally a Matt finish, but without thinking I applied a glossy paint, partly because dad claimed some capri's had glossy finish and partly because it was rushed. But I have seen my mistake, and with some advice from Final Gear, and decided it should be Matt finish. I think i'm going to have to think things through a bit better in the future.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Shameless plug

Put my wing mirrors up for sale on ebay finally...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Work done so far....

Jobs done
Removed bonnet
Removed engine (using a tractor he he!),
Removed wing mirrors (because they were bullet style and did not seem to look right).

Front wings
Rear Wheel Arches
Front Bumper
Haynes Manual

When I bought it I was lucky enough to have got 4 boxes full of spare parts which included cambelts, light covers etc. And the bloke that lives across the road from us gave me some spark plugs and offered to spray paint the body work for us, so i've been lucky so far but I can't see it staying like that.

Jobs to do
Fix oil leaks on engine
Remove both front wings
Remove volkswagon twin exhaust pipe the previous owner welded on (idiot)
Sort out choke system
Buy paint
Replace 3.0 V6 exhaust manifolds with 1.6 ones
Clean up cam cover
Sort out all the rust
Replace battery tray
Buy wing mirrors
Fix on and spray paint body panels
Replace rear and front light covers and inside parts
Repair crack on dash
Buy a bonnet
Sand down the car and respray (up close it currently looks like it was hand painted)
Try and find and original Capri Radio (currently a Philips one)

There is probably more jobs I've forgotten but will add later. I want to keep the car as orginal as possible which is why I'm trying to find the radio and am not going to stick a Brooklands bodykit on it!


This is my first blog so I decided to dedicate it to the restoration of my Ford Capri 1.6 Laser, and probably some other random stuff too! Please feel free to comment on any thing you like.